Performance Marketing


We offer you the option to choose what kind of payout-model you prefer to work with. Our standard models are described below.

Cost per Click

You pay for each click we send to your landingpage. Clicks are targeted towards possible leads for your product. Ads are placed on niche websites related to your product.

Cost per Lead

You pay for each lead we send your way. The point of conversion is the user signing up. Requires implementation of our tracking code.

Cost per Paying User

You pay for each lead we send your way. The point of conversion is the consumer buying the product you are offering.



The traffic we offer is of highly quality with low drop-off point and a high retention rate.


We provide you with reports on the traffic we purchased for you and show you what your customers interests are.


We don’t work with third party publishers, all the traffic we buy is directly bought from the source.


We cherry pick channels that match your product to buy traffic from.


We are available around the clock, any time of the day and week to help you with any questions you have.


We are able to help you with optimizing the creatives you provide or design new. Please see our Funnel Optimization services.


Our software optimizes in real time which means you will see  a difference in performance right away.


We know how to optimize towards KPI’s you provide to us.


With years of online advertising experience we can play along with the big boys. A passion for online media is what drives our team. Always focusing on generating positive ROI. We enjoy setting up a battle plan for each campaign and take the hurdles on the way to success.

Starting Point: Asking questions

We always start out asking you the right questions. What are the campaign objectives and what are your KPI’s? What is the ideal audience you want us to reach? What are the campaign restrictions? What are the daily and monthly budget/ lead caps? How much budget do you have available in total?

Step 1: Research

Now that we have the campaign parameters we can start our research phase. We analyze your product, the competition, the market and most important the target audience.

Step 2: Selecting Sources

Based on our research we will select the best matching sources to acquire customers for your product.

Step 3: Launch Campaign

We start the campaign on the by us selected source(s) and start delivering traffic. We will use different variables to find the best quality and the traffic that fits your audience the best.

Step 4: Optimizing Results

With the data acquired in the previous step we need the right feedback from you to cut the bad performing sources and scale up the sources which are bringing in the best quality traffic.

Step 5: Scaling Quality

The last and final step is to scale the excellent sources where we can. In this phase we also have also acquired enough data to start finding more customers that we expect to be of the same quality, we will scale to similar sources where we can.


We can integrate with the following tracking platforms, is the platform you use not on the list then please contact us to work out a solution.

Do you have any questions we can help you with?